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The Top Five Reasons To Hire A Property Management

Real estate is a great place for investment, with rental properties all the more

appealing since they generate income for you. Many first-time real estate investors attempt to manage their investment properties by themselves at first, but ultimately decide to hire a professional property management company to handle the maintenance for them. This allows you to purchase more property than you could feasibly handle on your own, a prerequisite to establishing your real estate empire!

Even if you only plan to own a couple of rental properties, professional property management services can make financial sense. The best of the best provide value above and beyond merely collecting rent every month, such as navigating any legal issues that arise, locating tenants, and handling the daily chores associated with property ownership.

Here are additional details on the top five reasons a property management service is a right choice for your rental properties.

1. Rent Collection & Evictions

Rent collection isn’t the only reason to bring in a property management service, but it is one of the best ones. Ideal tenants who pay the rent on time every time are preferred, but even tenants who pass rigorous background and credit checks can fail to live up to this. Some lie during the initial screening process, and others fall behind due to circumstances outside of anyone’s control.

Landlords are legally entitled to their money in these situations, but a long and arduous process is usually required to get it. Evictions are even more of a hassle, as handling the situation in full compliance with both state and local regulations requires more expertise than the average landlord possesses. You could take the time to study up, but is that worth it?

You may still miss something even if you think it is. A qualified property management company will spare you from dealing with truant rent and evictions notices, freeing you to deal with more important concerns.

2. The Knowledge To Do The Job

Crazy stories are often the result of renting a property out. One woman covered her entire apartment in tin foil, creating a terrible mold infestation. Another somehow managed to set a property on fire using only a mattress. So many things can go wrong that you’d be insane not to have an experienced expert on your side.

This does not mean that all property management services are equal, as many discount firms don’t have any more knowledge and experience than you do. Failing to follow the proper procedures in bizarre circumstances can leave you liable for any damages they cause, including shoddy electrical work, improper asbestos removal, or fires started by an illegal buildup of debris. You do not want that to happen.

3. Legal Issues

It was alluded to above, but the legal codes pertaining to renting properties are among the most complex on the books. Fair Housing Laws dictate what you can and can’t do, while additional property management regulations vary by state and even principality. A competent property management company will know all of the laws and how they affect the properties you own, so you’ll never need to worry about running afoul of any of them. You’ll also have immediate access to any necessary paperwork, a vital technicality frequently overlooked by those trying to manage a property themselves.

Screening prospective tenants is another activity with a lot of legal red tape, but a property management company will be able to help you through the process. This includes credit checks, background checks, and any other miscellaneous issue that may arise, so all of your bases will be covered.

4. Day-to-Day Maintenance

Landlords are legally obligated to take care of any issues tenants find with a property as they happen, but most would prefer not to be contacted at three in the morning to deal with them. Landlords investing in rental property also have their own lives to live, encouraging them not to spend their free time cleaning gutters or mowing the lawn. Outsourcing these tasks to a property management company allows you to live your life the way you want to.

You also need to consider how many properties you can realistically manage yourself if you try to go it alone. One or two might fit into your schedule, but how would you manage 20? A professional property management service is a requirement if you want to own a lot of properties spread across multiple areas.

Finally, tax deductions and other financial benefits are available to landlords, but your accountant may not take advantage of them to their fullest potential. Property managers can advise you on what you qualify for and even provide the requisite paperwork to claim it.

5. Vacancies

Vacancy can quickly turn a profitable real estate investment into a money pit, so it behooves you to fill any vacant dwelling with a new, qualified tenant as fast as possible. Experienced property management firms know where to look and what to look for to fill the property quickly, but you might not have as much luck on your own.

Whether you decide to hire a property management service or attempt to handle your rentals yourself, the most important thing to remember is your obligations as a landlord. Only informed decisions can keep you on the right side of the law while limiting the damages and other expenses you are responsible for. A well-managed rental property is an excellent source of income, so make sure you don’t squander it!

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Until I found Jerry and the Red Hawk management team I found myself struggling to manage my own rentals. His diligent screening process and hands on management team have kept my units consistently rented. I thank him and recommend Red Hawk Realty to anyone owning investment property. Keep up the great work!

Steve Snyder

I have written so few letters like this over the years but I felt compelled to write you both. When I first called your office I was surprised that someone actually answered the phone on a Saturday morning. You see I had called several other property management companies and had left messages with not one of them calling me back…

Susan and Matt G.

My partner and I have owned investment property in Arizona since 2004. I’ve worked with three other property management firms, larger, professional firms, and husband and wife teams. Each firm we have worked with has failed to meet our expectations. Our expectations, simply put, were to manage it as if you owned it, high integrity, honest…

Mark & Michelle

They are the best management company ever. Rented from them for two years and they always responded when we reached out to them.

Bobby and Karen W.

Alex did an excellent job on our move out inspection. Professional and honest. He also was easy to talk with. We did a little damage to two closet doors and were happy to pay for that. He was direct and to the point.

Bill G.

Today is a happy and a sad day. My wife and I are moving back to Texas after living in Gilbert for the past three years. We have enjoyed renting from Red Hawk for the past three years and will miss the interactions that we have had with the office staff. Everyone always seemed to enjoy what they do, and had a smile both on the phone and in person. We will miss you guys.

Hanke and Gwen

First review ever. Great job letting my husband and I travel and enjoy our retirement. We knew that our properties were being well taken care of. We will continue to recommend you to both family and friends.

Ernest and Birdie

I only wish Red Hawk had an office in Texas. You are the standard that I judge others by and no one even comes close to Red Hawk.

Rusty W.

My wife and I have been renting from you for over seven years. We are relocating to Utah for work, but wanted Red Hawk Property Management to know we will miss you. You always treated us with respect and were quick to respond to any issue.

Jaime T.
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