What Schools in Gilbert, Arizona Focus On

Public Schools in Gilbert, Arizona focus on using innovative lessons as well as technology to give the students the best possible education. The Gilbert Public Schools system covers the Phoenix metropolitan area as well as parts of the neighboring towns of Mesa and Chandler.

There are many schools found in this district due to the high population. There are 27 elementary schools. These schools are designed for grades kindergarten to sixth. There are six junior high or middle schools. They are for grades seven and eight. There are five high schools that children in grades nine to twelve attend. Each of the high schools has over 2,000 students enrolled. The junior high school enrolment ranges between 600 and 1300 students.

The public schools in Gilbert rank well and give students the education they need to be successful. The Playa del Rey Elementary School has received an A Plus rating for school excellence. Robyn Conrad who was the principal of this school was the Principal of the Year in the state of Arizona in 2010.

The public schools in Gilbert are evolving to keep up with the times. They are embracing new technology and will help the students learn different computer programs. They are also offering cyber school options that are provided by the public schools. The students will complete their coursework at home and submit it to their teacher’s using an online portal. A cyber school is an attractive option, and this school district wants to give their students every opportunity to be successful.

Post Secondary Advancement

Gilbert public schools use a rigorous and well define the curriculum to make sure their students have the skills needed to continue their education and become competitive members of the workforce. Each subject will require the students to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These curriculums also include state of the art technology. This public school system received the grade of A from the Arizona Department of Education. They have also received praise from the College Board as an Advanced Placement Honor Roll District. These high marks show the administrations and the teachers are dedicated to making sure their students are successful. The school also has a high level of involvement from the parents which also helps with student success rates.

The school district works hard to keep students learning and to make sure they are ready for the future. In elementary schools, the students are taught computer skills. The curriculum is standards-based so that the students meet all of the requirements set forth by the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards when they leave high school. There are different standards for each grade that the students have to master. All students are given the tools they need to be successful including English language learners and special education students.

The public schools in Gilbert, AZ may be busy and serve a lot of students. They will provide students with the education they need to be successful later in life. The students will learn technology as well as interpersonal skills so they can go on to become productive adults.

Written by Red Hawk – Houses For Rent Property Management