maintenance tips and tricks

Before submitting a maintenance request (aka work order), be sure to review the below tips and tricks as they might fall under tenant responsibility.

The best way to submit a work order is using your tenant portal, which can be done online or via the tenant portal app!

When submitting a work order, be sure to be as detailed as possible with the issue you are experiencing. If possible, providing photos of the issue is also helpful and makes it easier for us to dispatch in a timely manner. Even if you have more than one issue, please submit all issues in one work order as they might all go to the same vendor. If more than one vendor is needed, we will break up the work order as necessary.

Once you submit your work order via your tenant portal, you will receive updates via email and can see the status updates on your Maintenance dashboard in the portal. You will also receive a phone call from the vendor to schedule an appointment with you directly.

Work orders submitted via the tenant portal will be dispatched to a vendor within 2 – 4 business hours.

In the case of an emergency, call our office in addition to submitting a work order.

Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Issue # 1. No power

  • Check your fuse box. There may have been an overload. Check whether a safety switch has been activated. Resetting may be needed even if it doesn’t look like the break is tripped. Be sure to reset all breakers.
  • Check appliances. Unplug all of them in the unit. It is required to start the safety switch in the meter box again. Connect the fridge and turn on the power point, check the safety switch. If the safety switch clicks off, then you know that there is a fault with the fridge and you need to get it repaired. Otherwise unplug the fridge and connect the laptop and continue to check all appliances until the faulty appliance is found.
  • Contact your Electricity Company. There may be some troubles in the street.

Issue #2. No hot water

  • Check whether it’s time to refill your hot water system.
  • If the unit is a gas unit, make sure you had the gas turned on.
  • Check the fuse in the meter box.
  • Check whether your pilot light has gone out. If you can’t replace it on your own, it’s better to call a professional.

Issue #3. Lights are not working

  • Try to replace the light bulb.
  • Check your fuse box. If there is an overload, the safety switch may need resetting.

Issue #4. Garbage disposal is broken

  • Check whether it is turned on at the switch underneath the sink.
  • Reset the safety switch. A little red or black button underneath the bottom of the garbage disposal unit.
  • Is there a blockage in the sink/blades? Please keep in mind, before putting your hands or a utensil down the sink, check for blockages-make sure unit is turned off or unplugged.
  • Use the hex wrench with your disposals hex socket located on the underside of the disposal unit and move it back and forth to loosen whatever object is jamming the disposal.

Issue #5 Blocked Sink

  • If your sink is draining the water away too slowly, try using drain cleaner to free the blockage.
  • Try to clear hairs and old soap from the waste. Try to pour boiling water down the drain, this will help to unclog blockage.
  • Try to remove old food from the kitchen waste and pour boiling water down the drain.
  • Try a plunger to remove clogged items from the drain.

Issue #6. Washing machine is broken

  • Check whether the washing machine taps are turned on at the wall.
  • Check whether appliance at the wall is turned on.
  • Check whether the lid is closing properly.
  • If the machine has stopped working halfway through a cycle you may have overloaded the machine and make sure that it is not out of balance, try to rearrange the items evenly in the bowl.

Issue #7. Dryer is not working

  • Dryers can automatically shut down due to overload of lint in the filter. Check whether the filter needs to be cleaned properly.

Issue #8. Garage door opener won’t work

  • Check that the garage door is not set to vacation mode.
  • Try changing the batteries in the remote.
  • Check that the sensors are clean and straight.
  • If the above items aren’t working and you need to open or close your garage door, pull the red release cord to disconnect the carriage from the trolley. Then check that the door is opening and closing manually. There are two different way to reconnect the carriage back to the trolley/garage door opener. You can either slide the door along the track until the attachment point is re-engaged or you use the garage door remote to operate the motor until it’s re-engaged.
  • Try resetting the garage door opener. With the door in the closed position, unplug the opener from the outlet (normally found on the ceiling) for a few minutes. Plug it back in and test the opener.

Issue #9. Dishwasher isn’t cleaning dishes

  • Clean the dishwasher and be sure you are using the correct soap products:
    STEP 1: Turn hot water on at the sink until water is hot, as both the dishwasher and the sink are on the same water supply line.
    STEP 2: Use proper soap product such at FINISH POWER BALL. (Do NOT use liquid dishwasher soap as it DOES NOT dissolve properly.
    STEP 3: Make sure tenant is using a good rinse aid such as JET DRY.
    STEP 4: Twice a month run Lemi-Shine product by itself in the soap dish with hot wash option on.

Issue #10. Outlets not working

  • Check the outdoor breaker box and reset any tripped breakers.
  • Reset GCFI outlets, commonly found in the kitchen, bathrooms and garage.
  • Make sure all the wall switches are turned on as some switches work the outlets.

Tenant Responsibilities vs Landlord Responsibilities

Tenant Responsibilities

Unless otherwise stipulated in your lease the following items are considered tenant responsibility:

Replace light bulbs, torn or damaged screens

Replace or repair cabinet catches, hinges, knobs or handles

Replace Heat and A/C filters EVERY MONTH

Replace AC Thermostat batteries as needed

Re-light gas furnace or hot water heater

Spray yard for bugs and weeds

Keep grass and weeds out of flowerbeds and rock areas

Maintaining the landscaping, including keeping plants and grass alive and removing pet feces regularly

Setting irrigation timer for seasonal and regular watering. Please Google the make and model of timer for user instructions

Replace smoke/carbon monoxide detector(s) batteries every year. (Notify manager if smoke/carbon monoxide detector(s) is not working.)

As needed, removing debris from the pool, empty skimmer basket, keeping adequately filled, brush walls down.

Changing refrigerator filters, water softener salt, reverse osmosis filters

Cleaning the dryer vent

Please note, tenant caused damages will be the responsibility of the tenant to repair or pay for the cost of repair.

Landlord Responsibilities

Repairs to A/C-Heat systems*

Replace heating element in hot water tan*

Repair Roof Leaks*

Repair or replace any part of plumbing under sinks or behind walls*

Repair or replace any broken electrical components*

Repair/paint any rotted wood (please notify management)

Termite treatments, Pigeon issues, and bee removal

Irrigation repairs

*If the repair technician notes the problem is tenant-caused, you will be charged.

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