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We Provide a full-menu of services specializing in residential single family homes, town homes and condos.

Frequently asked questions by landlords and tenants

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Answers the frequently asked questions by both landlords and tenants.

Equal Opportunity Housing Provider

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Red Hawk Property Management in Mesa AZ is an equal opportunity housing provider. We fully comply with the Federal Fair Housing Act.

Why Use Red Hawk?

Red Hawk Property Management, it all begins with the name. As you can see we proudly display our specialty, property management. Most real estate companies that are involved with managing properties do so as a side business, an after thought, or a temporary fill gap until their real business, real estate sales, picks back up. They may manage one home, yours as a “favor to you” or they may manage several properties, but it is not their specialty.

They specialize in Homes For Sale and Rent in Mesa, Gilbert, and Chandler and are merely treading water until the market can fully support that activity. Would you go to a Dentist when you needed a Cardiologist? They are both doctors, have medical licenses, and probably have their practice, but the expertise, practical experience and real-world knowledge are substantially different. It’s the same when it comes to Gilbert AZ property management.

Hiring Experts Can Save You Money and Time

Being a Gilbert and Mesa property management company is a tough, labor-intensive and emotionally draining proposition. It can be very time-consuming, affecting your evenings, weekends and other quality times. If run incorrectly it can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in both time and money. You must be up to date on the current Arizona Landlord Tenant Act, Fair Housing, accounting principles, and practices as well as all related discrimination laws and how they relate to all parties. You must have reliable contractors and handymen that will be fair in price and do an exceptional job with their quality of work or do the repair work yourself. Wow, why would anyone want to self-manage or be a licensed rental superintendent when you can hire Mesa and Gilbert property management experts?

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Professional, Cost Effective and Landlord Friendly Mesa and Gilbert Property Management

Moving Into New Property

We love what we do and the challenges that it represents to our company. Red Hawk Property Management was founded as Red Hawk Realty in Mesa AZ, but we always struggled with serving two masters. How could we be the best at both sales and supervision? We simply couldn’t, so we changed the name and are focusing all of the efforts of Red Hawk on simply being the most professional, cost-effective, transparent and landlord friendly company. We enjoy being fair, honest and communicative with all parties involved, while always being cognoscente of the fact that Red Hawk Property Management is employed by the landlord.

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  • Passed the Arizona Department of Real Estate Audit

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  • Completely transparent processes

  • Our goal is to have your property rented within 19 days!

  • Our leasing fee is guaranteed for 1 year

  • 97.8% client retention

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Until I found Jerry and the Red Hawk team I found myself struggling to manage my own rentals. His diligent screening process and hands on management team have kept my units consistently rented. I thank him and recommend Red Hawk’s Mesa team to anyone owning investment property. Keep up the great work!

Steve Snyder

I have written so few letters like this over the years but I felt compelled to write you both. When I first called your office I was surprised that someone actually answered the phone on a Saturday morning. You see I had called several other companies and had left messages with not one of them calling me back…

Susan and Matt G.

My partner and I have owned investment property in Arizona since 2004. I’ve worked with three other firms, larger, professional firms, and husband and wife teams. Each firm we have worked with has failed to meet our expectations. Our expectations, simply put, were to manage it as if you owned it, high integrity, honest…

Mark & Michelle

I have been working with Jerry and his team for almost six years. Living in one state while having a rental property in another wasn’t so tough at all knowing they were overseeing everything. Jerry is extremely experienced, knowledgeable and professional and his staff have always been informative, professional and very sweet as well. I eventually sold the house and Jerry oversaw everything, always keeping me informed and making the best decisions on my behalf when necessary. The house sold very quickly, and I couldn’t be happier with the whole process. I highly recommend them!

Lisa B

The Benefits of Using A Professional Property Management Company

A good strata or apartment manager has the ability to add great value to your investment, which is why long-term investors will always
recommend finding professional property management near me. Here are a couple of ways that a tenant manager can help you:

Quality Tenants

A good team has the ability to add great value to your investment, which is why long-term investors will always recommend finding good strata or apartment supervisor. Here are a couple of ways that a property management company can help you:

  1. Rent for longer periods of time.
  2. Pay on time.
  3. Place less wear and tear on your investment.
  4. Generally cause less hassles.
  5. Are collectable in the event that something does go wrong.

Experienced firms have received thousands of applications over the years and are brilliant at finding out the facts about applicants. They then use that information to analyze information supplied by applicants to weed out the ones who present warning signs. A rental supervision company allows you to shield yourself from discrimination lawsuits and rental scams, which happen regularly without proper screening of applicants. Finding the bad seeds takes time and avoiding lawsuits, scams and bad tenants is the main focus of a good Gilbert and Mesa AZ property management company.

Less Time Consuming and Costly Legal Issues

Strata and apartment owners know very well that it only takes one bad tenant to create huge financial and legal problems. Mesa and Gilbert AZ property management companies who are good at their jobs will have access to the latest laws regarding landlords and tenants and will make sure that you are not left in a tight spot, which could become a potential legal problem. Each municipality and state have their own requirements and laws. These laws, as well as federal law, cover many areas including:

  1. Inspections.
  2. Evictions.
  3. Terminating of Leases.
  4. Lease addendum.
  5. Handing of security deposits.
  6. Rental Collections.
  7. Tenant screening.
  8. Conditions and the Safety of the Area.
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Vacancy Cycles That are Shorter

Vacancy Cycles

Landlords are there to help you perform three crucial tasks, which will affect how long your property is vacant for. These are: Prepare the home for rent – property managers will make suggestions and assist with making cosmetic improvements that will increase rental potential.

Help to determine the maximum rental rate – If the rate is too high, you be waiting for a long time to get in tenants, which means you will be losing money each month that the home is vacant. Figuring out the right price depends on a lot of knowledge of data, the local market and having access to tools that can determine the rental rate for your specific house.

Creative an effective marketing plan – Experienced companies have written numerous ads and they understand what needs to be said and where they need to advertise to get the attention of more candidates over a shorter period of time. Added to this, they can usually negotiate lower advertising fees because they advertise large quantities of ads at a time. A property management team is also great at closing the deal for you.

Better Tenant Retention

It is very easy to see the effects that loss of rent has, but there are other problems that are just as serious, especially if there is a high rate of tenant turnover. Each time a tenant leaves, it means that your property needs to be evaluated, cleaned, locks need to be changed, carpets need to be cleaned minor repairs need to be addressed. Not only is this costly, it takes up a lot of time as well.

A good property management company already have a time-tested tenant retention policy in place that will keep tenants happy, which means that they end up staying longer. This requires a systematic and consistent approach, which is exactly what a great a management company has to offer.

Managing Tenants For Retention

Better Rental Collection Process

Success or failure can be determined by the way you handle late payments and rental collections. Making sure that you receive rent every month and on time, is the only way to ensure that you can maintain correct cash-flow all the time. You need to make it very clear to your tenants that this is not negotiable. When you hire a company, you take yourself out of the equation. They get paid by you to be the bad guys, chase after rent, listen to the excuses, and if necessary, they are the ones who will be doing the evicting.

Tenants will walk all over you if you give them half a chance. Just like puppies, they need to be trained how to follow the conditions of the lease agreement that is in place. Tenants tend to realize that the staff are only doing their jobs by enforcing the terms of the agreement. A number of managers will admit that it is easier to control other people’s property compared to their own.

Lower Repair and Maintenance Costs

Good maintenance keeps tenants happy, which is an important part of being a landlord. Hiring a Mesa and Gilbert property management company will allow you access to their staff and contractors, who have already been vetted for good work and fees. This will save you money at the end of the day.

Lower Repair & Maintenance Costs

Increased Value of your Investment

Making sure that you put systems in place that will fix problems before they become out of hand is imperative. Your company or team can offer you sound advice with regards to maintenance modifications and upgrades, which can affect your potential rent.

Lower Stress Levels

With Red Hawk Property Management on your side, you will not be the one trying to fix problems in the middle of the night, as they will do the dirty work for you.

Lower Stress Levels For Your Vacation Rental Service

More Freedom

You will be able to live wherever you like when you have a team keeping check on your properties. You will be able to travel whenever you want to, without having a care in the world. many property owners do not even live in the same country as their properties, they simply collect their money each month.

More time for Yourself

As we all know, “time is money’ and if you do not need to spend all those hours managing your own properties, you will have more time to focus on your own businesses. When you are the person doing all the running around, you are essentially working for yourself, which leaves you little time left for your actual business, and at the end of the day, this means a loss of income for you. Hiring a company like Red Hawk Property Management in Gilbert and Mesa, Arizona is the best way to ensure that you make money and can spend more time with the people you love – your family and friends.

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Arizona Property Management & Strata Management Company

Red Hawk Property Management is headquartered in Gilbert, a suburb of Phoenix Arizona. Red Hawk’s great location allows them to service both the city of Phoenix and cities surrounding it like Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert. You can find Red Hawk Property Management on the corner of East Baseline Road and North Silverado Road.

Directions from The Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport to Red Hawk Property Management, Gilbert AZ, 85234. Head northeast on Front St/S Sossaman Rd toward E Ulysses Ave. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto E Ray Rd. Turn right after Jack in the Box (on the left). Continue onto S Power Rd. Turn left onto E Guadalupe Rd. Turn right onto N Lindsay Rd. Turn left onto E Baseline Rd. Destination will be on the left.

Directions from Downtown Gilbert, Arizona to Red Hawk Property Management, Gilbert AZ, 85234. Head north on N Gilbert Rd toward E Cullumber Ave. Turn right onto E Baseline Rd. Destination will be on the right.

Directions from Mesa, Arizona to Red Hawk Property Management, Gilbert AZ, 85234. Head south on S Center St toward E Main St. Turn left onto E Broadway Rd. Turn right onto S Mesa Dr. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left to merge onto US-60 E. Merge onto US-60 E. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 182 for Gilbert Road. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto S Gilbert Rd. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto E Baseline Rd. Destination will be on the right.

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